Candidate survey: Adam Frugoli

Q1. The K-12 Education budget is the state’s largest by far, yet some people still believe that we are not spending enough. What would you do to help Idaho’s K-12 students receive a stellar education?

Get School Boards to engage in what is happening in their schools, instead of being a rubber stamp by the Superintendent.

Q2. Graduation rates at Idaho’s four-year universities are stagnant while tuition continues to increase (with the exception of the one-year tuition freeze). What would you do to bring down the cost of higher education and help students graduate with less debt?

We have an incredible amount of waste from inefficiencies and unnecessary duplication of services. the first thing that I would ask is that all universities have a specific focus that does not overlap with what another University is doing. Each university doesn’t need to overlap basic admin of purchasing, payroll, account and HR. Those should all be centralized within the State that we already have. I would also recommend compressive purchasing and a uniformed salary schedule would save cost.

Q3. Idaho has both an income tax and a sales tax, while five of our six neighbors have only one or the other. Idaho also has high property taxes. What changes do you suggest, if any, to Idaho’s state tax structure?

I believe that property tax valuations should be capped at no more than 3% per year of an increase. This is already done in Texas. I would work to get rid of the rest of the personal property tax.

Q4. The grocery sales tax has long been debated in Idaho. Should Idaho repeal the tax on groceries? If yes, when?

Yes, now or as soon as possible.

Q5. Urban renewal districts receive all the increases in property tax revenue within their borders, which forces other property owners to fund increased service requirements. Should Idaho end urban renewal? If not, should state lawmakers change urban renewal law?

Yes, we should end it. Now. It totally gets abused.

Q6. Healthcare is a significant expense in Idaho’s state budget, rivaling education in total appropriations. How would you tackle ever-increasing state Medicaid costs? More broadly, what ideas do you propose to help make quality healthcare more affordable for all?

More telemed options. The cost of Medicaid is not designed to be limited. I would have a health insurer like United HealthCare manage the Medicaid, claims and benefits.

Q7. Criminal justice reform has become a bipartisan issue in recent years. Should Idaho explore further reforms? If so, which reforms would you support?

Yes, we should. I would support increase to public defenders.

Q8. In 2020, Idaho saw some reduction in occupational licensing mandates. Should Idaho continue to identify and implement alternatives to licensure burdens? If yes, which licenses should be reviewed or repealed?

Yes, building, beauty nature medicine and as much as possible.

Q9. Federal dollars always come with strings, yet a significant portion of Idaho’s annual state budget is funded with federal money. Should Idaho work to reduce its dependence on federal funding? If yes, how?

Yes. We need to review each program and decide if we can illuminate it.

Q10. Education choice allows parents and students to choose the education that best suits their needs. What policies would you support to strengthen education choice in Idaho?

More charters are key.

Q11. What is the proper role of state government?

As limited as possible and as close to the people as possible. It shouldn’t be here to run people’s lives

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