The race for governor

We in Idaho have an important opportunity ahead of us in 2018. We can elect a governor who is committed to conservative principles, or we can continue down the same path of bigger government.

That’s the choice we face.

Through the next 18 months, Idaho Freedom Action will play an active role in highlighting the positions of each gubernatorial candidate. That’s a responsibility we take seriously.

We will ask the candidates key questions about their vision for our great state. The questions will invite the candidates to provide specific positions on civil liberties, budgets, education, taxes, Second Amendment rights, transportation and more.

Idaho Freedom Action wants to know what questions you have for the candidates. Please send your questions to and we will pass them along to the candidates.

The election of a conservative governor is not assured. Our recent poll of candidate support, conducted Feb. 6-8, verifies this fact. Of 400 likely Republican voters, support breaks down as follows: Raul Labrador is at 39%; Brad Little, 27%; Russ Fulcher, 7%; Tommy Alhquist, 2%. Another 23% of respondents had not decided which candidate to support. These numbers reveal that anything can happen between now and November 2018.

The undecided voters could swing the race in any direction — will it be toward big government or freedom and liberty?

Make no mistake about it: The status quo won’t work anymore. This election, we will continue to hold candidates’ feet to the fire. We are not going to rely on the legacy media to pick the topics on which candidates are evaluated. IFA will do the job so candidates say exactly what they mean.

We invite you to join the effort to define the governor’s race. Donate here to help Idaho Freedom Action hold candidates accountable.

Yours for freedom,

Wayne Hoffman

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