Action: Oppose McLean's property tax hike

The economy is stumbling. Gas prices are surging. Food prices are skyrocketing.

And Boise Mayor Lauren McLean wants to help by raising Boiseans' property taxes.

Outrageous. McLean, a tax-and-spend socialist with dreams of turning Boise into the next Portland or Seattle, has proposed a 2.45% property tax hike in her Fiscal Year 2023 budget. That hike would fund all the new spending the mayor wants to do.

How out of touch is the mayor? We are likely in a recession and she's looking to take more cash out of your wallet.

Not to mention that this move with further exacerbate Boise's housing affordability crisis.  As Boiseans are struggling to keep up, the mayor is demanding more so she can give big raises, hire dozens of new workers, and pay for her socialist climate action center.

Sign the petition today to tell the Boise City Council to oppose McLean's unwise, unfair property tax hike.

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