Action: Use new new money for education choice programs

Action: Use new new money for education choice programs

Action: Use new new money for education choice programs

During the Sept. 1, 2022, special legislative session, Gov. Brad Little, the big business lobby, and Education Inc. locked down the legislative process and rammed through a bill to pour $410 million into  broken government-run education systems. 

It was a rough day for principled conservatives. 

But, the fight to empower families rolls on. And now, it’s time to make lemonade out of these lemons. 

Here’s how: During the special session, lawmakers set aside $80 million annually for higher education programs and earmarked $330 million for K-12 schooling.

How will the $330 million be spent? It’s unclear, as the Idaho Constitution kept lawmakers from deciding that in the special session legislation. Thus, there’s a $330 million pot of cash that’s up for grabs during the 2023 legislative session. 

That money could be used to fund education choice programs, in which education dollars follow students to home schools, private schools, or other options that best fit their needs. 

Of course, if Little and his Education Inc. buddies get their way, those dollars will be poured into government schools, and educational outcomes will never improve. 

I need your help. Idaho Freedom Action has prepared a petition urging lawmakers to use that $330 million for education choice programs. Now is the time for lawmakers to act to empower families. Schools continue to underperform, or worse, force-feed students leftist propaganda in classrooms. Parents are crying out for help and options. 

It’s time to break Education Inc.’s stranglehold on Idaho school children. Our next generation deserves better. Please sign the attached petition to demand lawmakers give students the choices they need and deserve in 2023. 

Sign this petition to tell your lawmakers to do what’s best for students. 

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