Action: Demand aggressive tax relief, no socialist surrender

Idaho lawmakers can make history during next week’s special session. They could use the state’s $2 billion budget surplus to provide historic tax cuts. They could cut the state’s income tax to 5% or below. 

That would help Idaho families whose budgets are buckling under the weight of high gas and food prices, as well as sky-high property taxes. 

Or, lawmakers could more than cut in half property tax bills. 

Instead, the proposal before them delivers meager tax relief, and dumps more than $410 million into Idaho’s broken government education system. 

Sign this petition to demand bold, aggressive tax relief from Gov. Brad Little and Idaho lawmakers. Tell them you want to govern conservatively, and reduce the government's burden on Idaho families. Urge them not to surrender to the Reclaim Idaho socialists on spending. 

Idaho lawmakers can stand tall against this socialist surrender proposed by Gov. Brad Little, but they need to hear from you to get there. Sign the petition now! 

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