Boise's new proposed zoning regulations have something that folks on the right, left, and middle can agree on: It's bad for Boise. Single-family homes could be torn down to make way for apartment complexes and businesses. Quiet communities would become busy commercial corridors. Owner-occupied homes would fall out of favor because the city bureaucracy favors multi-family rental units instead.

Some may say that this is a pro-property rights proposal. But it isn’t. It's central government planning at its worst, designed to move Boise away from being car-friendly. The proposal would fulfill leftist plans for a so-called 15-minute city intended to keep people from driving from one part of Boise to another. Developments would be selected by central planners, who would place conditions on developments that extend for at least 50 years, some that favor certain kinds of renters over others.

If the city’s new zoning ordinance passes, it would completely destroy the character of our community and quiet neighborhoods. It could also bring noise, crime, and parking trouble — not to mention lower property values. And it would give the government new, unfettered power over private property rights. 

This isn’t the Boise we want for our future. Take action now!

  1. Sign the petition asking the Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Commission to shelve this change.
  2. Make your voice heard by attending the public hearing at P&Z Commission on Tuesday, April 25th.

For details on how to participate in the public hearing, visit

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