Defeat Senate Bill 1193 action list

The Idaho House will vote Thursday on Senate Bill 1193, a proposal that would give $6 million to a leftist nonprofit that teaches social justice to toddlers.

Remember, this bill failed by a single vote in the Idaho Senate. We cannot let that happen again.

Below is the lawmaker contact action list. The lawmakers below need to hear from you right now. They need to know that this grant flies in the face of the Idaho values we hold near and dear.

Simply click on a lawmaker’s name in the list below, visit his or her petition page, review the pre-filled petition language, and click submit. The process takes roughly 20 seconds for each House member.

Speaker Scott Bedke
Rep. Brandon Mitchell
Rep. James Holtzclaw
Rep. Codi Galloway
Rep. Jon Weber
Rep. Gary Marshall
Rep. Jim Addis
Rep. David Cannon
Rep. Marco Erickson
Rep. Rod Furniss

29 Replies to “Defeat Senate Bill 1193 action list”

  1. I will ask you the same question I ask any liberal (and have yet to receive a reply of any kind),
    “Please tell me in direct language, no bullshit, how this legislation benefits me, my family, my state and my country”. And further, in good conscience, how can you vote for this bill and not say that you hate America?

  2. The reps who vote to give 6 million of our citizen’s tax dollars to Marxist leftists to indoctrinate our children with radical social justice BS should not be representing our citizens who have children. It is peculiar to me that every rep who voted yes on this bill is male… Very interesting indeed.

  3. My opinion: The deranged idiots who come with this lunatic thinking should ALL be taken to the site of the Titanic tragedy and be made to jump overboard with cameras rolling !!!!!

  4. Unbelievable that anyone with a thinking brain would want to teach our American children such hate and craziness . It’s the Marxist communists infiltrators who will continue to push their evil demonic ideas. We will fight back and we will win.

    1. You’ve got the “ demonic” part right! No nation that sacrifically murdered their children ever escaped God’s judgement. I realize this is not exactly the same issue but in a sense it is by turning their minds away from good, beautiful, and truthful. And filling them with radical Critical Race Theory.,, and the opimal word is Theory!!!

  5. To think my grandchildren would be taught this in school is absurd. Is not this the parents place to teach them about right and wrong? Pretty soon parents will not have any rights and the Federal Government will teach them about socialism. Worse yet, we as taxpayers will have to pay for this whether we like it or not.

  6. Your vote will tell us exactly where you stand. We will act accordingly come election 2022. And ultimately, so will you be judged.

  7. This bill is just a terrible idea and shows no common sense or wise judgement. Our children need to be protected from this.

  8. This bill is wrong and you all know it! Do not drink the kool aid and go along with this!!! This bill goes against every thing America stands for.

  9. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Please as a civil servant, promote the general welfare and do not support the critical race agenda. Our future depends on this.

  10. How can you even think of selling out our babies — to lobbyists who care nothing about our morals and rights?!

  11. This bill goes against everything America stands for. There are far more Americans who are not racist than those that are. Even the ones who appear to be racist at this time are being paid to act out through violence such as rioting.
    The people that need to be taught or not our children. It is the far left adults that need to be re-educated on our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  12. Liberals are following Saul Alinsky’s “Rulebook for Radicals” and the pervasiveness of their perverse doctrine is insidious. Rational, thinking Americans must be prepared to fight for every vote. This is a war of attrition and unfortunately the Demshoviks are winning. It is death by a thousand mosquito bites—this is but one bite we MUST thwart.

  13. This is an outrageous bill and I cannot believe any Idaho elected official would be in favor of it.

  14. Stop stealing parental rights. Parents have the right and obligation to teach their children. The state funds should never be used to indoctrinate children.

  15. I am appalled that this would even be considered. Do you approve of this language? Our children are being indoctrinated starting as toddlers now. We know what they are doing in schools. Grade school through College. We can not support this or colleges with our money. We have to stand against this. Let the parents – Parent.

  16. Society’s influence today on young children and teenagers is very strong. What they learn is more relevant then ever before. Kids need to learn the proper things, not critical race theory, gender identification, and other racist propaganda things that the left try to introduce to kids.

  17. Stop this nonsense!!!! I also am appalled that this is even being considered. We need to stand together and against this!!!

  18. I can’t believe that anyone would want to teach
    our children these leftist ideas, let alone toddlers. Someone needs their head examined!

  19. as a father of 6 and 4 in school this is absolutely disgusting and should never happen. We as parents have the right to teach our kids the right way and not by the federal government. We need to do what is morally right and protect our children from this madness. We don’t need marxism and socialism in Idaho period. If our representatives vote for this disgusting bill then they need to be removed by the voice of the people because they have betrayed our core principles, morals, and the doctrines of the constitution. This is a heavy christian state. We cannot forfeit our morals because of someone else’s garbage ideology and morally wrong belief. It’s time we took a stand for what is morally and ethically correct and this bill is not that at all. It strips us parents of our rights to teach our children correct morals and principles. I am against this to its very core

  20. Parents and grandparents won’t stand for indoctrinating their children with these absurd ideas. There will be a tsunami of response to this nonsense at the ballot box.

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