Idaho Freedom Action releases hard-hitting ad taking on leftist indoctrination in education

Idaho Freedom Action released Monday a new video ad taking on leftist indoctrination at all levels of Idaho’s education system.

Idaho Freedom Action has been battling the leftist takeover of education during the 2021 legislative session. For example, the group helped defeat the higher education budget, which would have allowed campus communists to continue teaching college students to hate treasured American values.

IFA is also fighting a federal grant proposal that would give $6 million to a leftist nonprofit that teaches that babies are racist, it’s OK for kids to swap genders, and that America is fundamentally racist country.

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Additionally, take a moment to contact the lawmakers below to tell them to reject SB 1193, the toddler indoctrination grant:

Speaker Scott Bedke
Rep. Brandon Mitchell
Rep. James Holtzclaw
Rep. Codi Galloway
Rep. Jon Weber
Rep. Gary Marshall
Rep. Jim Addis
Rep. David Cannon
Rep. Marco Erickson

4 Replies to “Idaho Freedom Action releases hard-hitting ad taking on leftist indoctrination in education”

  1. It all started from when separation of church and state went into effect. We need to get that repealed because that was a debunked ruling. This is what happens when you allow people to freely twist foundations into a way that people should not want to live, they aren’t the Americans, they are skewing things into an unnatural ways, and their processes of thoughts and reasoning are obviously perverting the natural good health of your children and our government.

  2. We do not all of this social justice propaganda in our schools, courts, libraries or government. How insane is it to try to indoctrinate preschoolers? It’s a parents job to teach their children.

    Please do all u can to stop the IFA.

  3. Finally someone calls it what it is, racism, the lefts continued bashing and shaming of white peoples is the mist racist thing that has openly happened since slavery. I can’t even believe my senses when I see and hear these disgusting things. How can any American still blindly follow the anti Democratic Party?

  4. This kind of radical garbage has no place in Idaho. Really, it has no place in the U.S.A. It’s in infuriating that they target children.

    At that age kids should not be burdened with thoughts of race, sex, discrimination, gun rights, socialism, or any of the other issues so dear to the radicals. When it IS time for them to think of those things, they should get their education from parents, not a bunch of radical left school teachers.
    What happened to teaching math, science, grammar, spelling, and history? I guess those are old-fashioned.

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