Is Sen. Abby Lee really conservative?

By IFA Staff Writer
September 5, 2023

Senator Abby Lee (R-Fruitland) claims to be a conservative. Yet her voting record suggests otherwise:

  • She voted for a multi-million dollar jobs training program that puts your tax dollars in the pockets of big businesses and special interests. (House Bill 24)
  • She voted to continue allowing children to be permanently mutilated in the name of the transgender ideology. (House Bill 71)
  • She voted to compel taxpayers to pay off student loans for certain Idaho nurses. (House Bill 213)
  • She voted against universal school choice for Idaho families. (Senate Bill 1038)
  • She voted to spend your money on a voter guide that favors incumbents over outside challengers. (Senate Bill 1078)
  • She voted to fund a program that trains Idaho medical students in abortion and transgender surgeries. (Senate Bill 1147)

When Sen. Lee comes back home to Fruitland to ask for your vote, consider the way she voted while she was in Boise.

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