Marxist Madness 2023 FAQ

What is Marxist Madness?

You may have heard of “March Madness”, the big college basketball tournament. Every year millions of people fill out brackets trying to guess who will win the tournament. It is a tradition that has gotten the attention of people of all walks of life including current and former presidents who share their “picks” with the public.

We thought it would be fun to do something similar except with political types in Idaho. Instead of picking the best college basketball team, we have our own unique IFA spin. We want YOU to pick the “Most Insufferable Liberal in Idaho”!

How do I play?

To begin visit the Marxist Madness webpage at

From there you register for a free account (which you can see in the how-to video below).

There are two phases Marxist Madness.

Phase One is where you fill out your bracket where you pick who you think should (or will) advance through the bracket. We have the how-to video on that and registering here.

Note: Is very important to register with an email address that you can access later because that email will be used to invite you to participate in Phase Two and with prize awards.

Phase Two is where you “vote” for which contestant (the liberals you are choosing between) will advance through each round of the tournament. To do so, an email will be sent to the email address you used to register inviting you to vote on the round’s match-ups. The email will let you know when the voting will end on that round, which will typically be three to four days after the email is delivered. A how-to video on this phase is forthcoming.

The contestant with the most votes in each matchup will advance to the next round. In the event of a tie, staff will break the tie.

Winners and Prizes

Everyone loves prizes! In fact, if you send us your mailing address, we’ll send you a super cool IFA sticker just for signing up!

There will be lots of opportunities to win. After each round, the player or players with the highest scores (most correctly guessed matchups) will get a prize.

The grand prize winner will be the person who’s bracket has the most overall points for the entire competition. The grand prize, which we can’t reveal, but can promise is something you will want (not just a cheap piece of swag!).

The fine print on prizes: To receive a prize, including the grand prize, you must provide IFA your mailing address and agree to have your picture taken with the prize, if requested, and to have your picture used in promotional materials for IFA at IFA’s discretion.

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