Petition: Tell Senate GOP leadership to bring lawmakers back to Boise

Throughout the country, people are being coerced to surrender control over their bodies and medical privacy. Supposedly free Americans are being told that their right to work, travel, shop, and congregate will be severely abridged if they don’t inject a foreign substance into their bodies. Our society is quickly being divided into vaccinated and unvaccinated, with the latter facing discrimination if they don’t comply. 

Tell the Senate GOP Leadership team that it’s time for lawmakers to come back to Boise to address this medical madness. Senate Pro Tem Chuck Winder, Majority Leader Kelly Anthon, Assistant Majority Leader Abby Lee, and Caucus Chair Mark Harris need to hear from you now!

This is about basic human rights, protected by our country’s founding documents. It is the proper role of government to act in the interest of protecting those rights. 

Compelling someone to inject something into their bodies is a form of assault. Ordering people to disclose their medical status is an invasion of privacy. These are tangible issues for lawmakers to deliberate, and time is running short to do so.

It’s time for Winder, Anthon, Lee, and Harris to demonstrate leadership on issues of growing concern for Idahoans. Tell them to not delay any longer. It’s time for the Legislature to get back to work. 

Petition: Urge Senate GOP Majority Leadership to bring lawmakers back to Boise.


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2 Replies to “Petition: Tell Senate GOP leadership to bring lawmakers back to Boise”

  1. No government official has the right to tell an US Citizen what is right for them. Government officials are elected by the people. It appears several have forgotten this. It is a known fact that masks are bad and lower an individual’s immune system!! It is a fact that the vaccine is doing more harm than good. and it has not been FDA approved. It’s approved for clinical trials an Emergency use Only. The media has told the US citizens nothing but lies!!! Enough is enough!!! If you think Biden and his side kick are doing an excellent job, you definitely will never get my vote.

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