Petition: Tell the Boise School District to keep parental involvement in textbook choices

The Boise School District Board of Trustees will soon vote on a policy that would lead to less parental input in classrooms.

The policy in place now allows for parents to request reconsideration of a textbook for general use in Boise schools. That’s a totally reasonable policy that empowers parents and families to object to certain materials.

Tonight, the board will consider a change to bar parents from requesting reconsideration of textbooks in Boise schools. If this change is accepted, parents won’t be able to request the school district reconsider their child’s textbooks, no matter what Critical Race Theory or anti-freedom message they see their kids being taught. 

Use the form below to message trustees. Tell them you oppose this change.

Petition: Tell Boise School District to keep parents involved in texbook choices

Dear Board of Trustees:

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