Petition: Urge Bedke, Little to call Legislature back to session

Throughout the country, people are being coerced to surrender control over their bodies and medical privacy. Supposedly free Americans being told that their right to work, travel, shop, and congregate will be severely abridged if they don’t inject a foreign substance into their bodies. Our society is quickly being divided into vaccinated and unvaccinated, with the latter facing discrimination if they don’t comply. 

Both House Speaker Scott Bedke and Gov. Brad Little have the power to call the Legislature back to session to stop the madness.

This is about basic human rights, protected by our country’s founding documents. It is the proper role of government to act in the interest of protecting those rights. 

Compelling someone to inject something into their bodies is a form of assault. Ordering people to disclose their medical status is an invasion of privacy. These are tangible issues for lawmakers to deliberate, and time is running short to do so.

With the House in recess since May, Bedke has the power to bring the Legislature back. Gov. Little has always had the constitutional authority to call the Legislature back as well. It’s time for Bedke and Little to demonstrate leadership on issues of growing concern for Idahoans. Tell them to not delay any longer. It’s time for the Legislature to get to work. 

Petition: Urge Bedke, Little to call Legislature back to session

Gov. Little and Speaker Bedke,

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36 Replies to “Petition: Urge Bedke, Little to call Legislature back to session”

  1. Go to VAERS.
    View the deaths, permanent disabilities miscarriages, hospitalizations.
    These MRNA shots are not regular vaccines.
    Blood will be on your hands for those who die. My husband is now using a walker and barely mobile after taking this “safe Vax”. He cannot drive his car or make a meal. I am now his caregiver at 62 years.

    1. Hi Cheryl, there’s a site I found called, where you can share his story. I’m so sorry to hear what happened to him! I’ve been following a healer on Telegram, his handle is JusticeForJesus, he might have some ideas for remedies to help alleviate his symptoms. Also an app called Curology, my Mom’s cousin had a vax reaction (debilitating “pins and needles” feeling shooting throughout her body for weeks) and she was able to get over the pain by using this app. Best wishes.

    2. I had one vaccination February 4th 2021, within a few days I was extremely ill. I am still taking excessive Prednisone & have had numerous blood tests, MRI, etc. costing $5800.00 It is looking like I have Brachial Neuritis from the vaccine. Burning sensation in hands/ feet shoulders/arms feeling of an electric shock, loss of function/feeling. severe, sharp pain, weakness. I have had auto-immune issues since my 30’s. RA/Lupus. It was under control. This vaccination turned my life upside down. No one should be forced to take it!

  2. Thank you all for your tireless efforts and for creating this communication thread. GREATLY appreciated!
    Prayers for our leaders and our great state!

    1. The CDC is not following the science. The PCR tests cannot detect Influenza A or B, or Covid 19. Masks don’t work. It’s all a scam, Crimes Against Humanity. Stop it Now!
      The so called vaccine is a poisonous injection.
      Are you aware Graphene Oxide is an ingredient along with nano technology in this so called vaccine. Graphene Oxide can be triggered by 5G, sources of electric energy and will destroy anything in its path in the human body.
      It’s imperative that the Legislature Stop the Mandate along with blocking any further

  3. You must stop this government overreach! Government is not getting smaller as it should; you were all elected to reduce the size of government and the bureaucracy continues to grow. It must stop. More regulations every day reduce our freedoms and liberties.

  4. We are free American citizens with God-given rights as listed in the Bill of Rights. We should not, and will not, be forced against our free will to submit to taking experimental drugs at the demand of government or industry. The Idaho Legislature must rise to the challenge and protect the Constitutional Rights of the people of Idaho. Our rights are being threatened, and we will see if our elected officials stand up or cut and run. Now is the time legislators to show us your courage and respect for the Constitution. Do not fail us.

  5. My family has already had the COVID virus…. we survived the cold like symptoms. Why should we be forced to take a vaccine that is not FDA approved for a disease we can no longer acquire or spread?!?!? People with COVID antibodies should be exempt from ever needing the vaccine.
    The lies and the tyranny must stop!

  6. “NO” is the most powerful word in the English language. This madness stops when we consistently and forcefully use it.

    Be non-compliant in ALL situations where force and threats are being used to compel you to take an action contrary to your best judgement.

    Refuse to comply with masking mandates- be they government or private.
    Refuse to comply with social distancing.
    Refuse to comply with forced inoculation.
    Refuse to comply with disclosure of your private medical information.
    Refuse to comply with travel restrictions.
    Refuse to comply with “lockdown” orders.
    Refuse to do engage in commerce with businesses that attempt to implement mandates.

    1. This is exactly what Senator Rand Paul is advocating; non-compliance. I think it’s a great plan, but honestly, I’m not sure I have the courage to not comply particularly at Medical facilities. Seems as though I might be cutting my nose to spite my face. If I need to be seen by the doctor but refuse to wear a mask, they can tell me to go elsewhere. Right?
      Helen Word

  7. Stop this anti-American tyranny, my private medical record is nobody business, please stand up for the constitution and enforce the laws to protect it….

  8. This is totally out of order against anything I have every experience in the USA since I became a citizen. I will not stand by and take an experimental vaccine that could damage my health.

  9. Anyone who is naive enough to put into there body, a substance they have no clue how it was made is frightening . You can understand how 6 million humans were led to slaughter. It takes 2 years for the FDA to approve a vaccine and what about those who died. It is a experimental drug not a vaccine. I am going to die one day and it will not be from somebody’s hope of a cure. They never tell the truth, only the Bible has the Truth the life and the way not man.

  10. This medical tyranny needs to end. You are legislation, not god! You will answer to him when the time comes just remember that! My brother in law went to hospital for a heart condition and was overdosed to his death with fentanyl! Only allowing family to visit 15 minutes to see him with this fake plandemic emergency orders you put in place!

  11. This government takeover must stop. Idaho is too great to follow those that want to lead us into socialism. Do your job. Keep America free!!

  12. I wonder, every day, what the hell this country is becoming. Bureaucrats, elitists and completely crooked and unconcientious politicians are taking over and forcing their will on the public. Meanwhile, the media and Hollywierd, which are just as unconcientious and crooked as the politicians, keep shoving this vaccine and mask shit down everybody’s throats and accusing people who stand up to them as being enemies and a threat to humanity! Hokey smokes! REMEMBER…”Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it…” This is shaping up to be the same as what began in Europe in 1938…

  13. Governor little, as a republican sworn to uphold the constitution and protect the people, I urge you to adopt as a compelling interest calling the legislature into an emergency session, to combat this “covid” insanity. Idaho is known for it being one of the free states. Please, let’s keep it that way and keep CRT, Antiffa, BLM , Covid tyranists, and Marxism out of our wonderful state.
    Respectfully submitted, Martin W. Mayo Grangeville, Idaho

  14. I highly recommend everyone watch the first 25 minutes of this recent eye-opening interview of one of the leading medical authorities on the covid vaccine. In my opinion it covers all the pertinent information regarding the vaccination that we should be aware of and also provides us with information on the key questions we should be prepared to ask our doctor to ensure that we receive the correct treatment instead of a forced vaccination. The meat of the information starts at the 8 minute mark and continues to the 25 minute mark, but watching the entire video would also be well worth your time!

  15. We are adults! We don’t want or need to be told what, when, where, how, or why to do anything! This is America and Idaho! We are not Nazi Germany! Stop making demands and mandates! We can recall elected officials! We definitely can vote you out! We want common sense, not mandates and tyranny! We can use our own knowledge and medical history to make a decision based on our health and a competent Drs advice! Get to work and do your jobs!

  16. These issues need to be resolved quickly, my husband is currently on unpaid leave for not being able to wear a mask due to his health conditions. He can not breath and true science explains how bad wearing a mask for extended periods is for your health. He should not have to choose his job or his health. I look forward to seeing what solutions our representatives can come up with. Thank you.

  17. You were elected to represent the people. We need you now more than anyone in your position prior. Will you stand for Americans or will you sit with the corrupt evil and watch our beautiful America and Idaho be destroyed? Idahoans need a proactive government to stand behind the constitution and to protect the people it was written to protect.

  18. Last year and earlier this year, the news was overwhelmed with information about all the Covid-19 cases as well as the numbers of deaths caused by the disease. However, no one talked about those who didn’t die … over 95% of those who had the disease. I was one of them. And now we all have t-cell immunity that far exceeds what any of the vaccinations can provide. Yet, we don’t count. Whether it’s a government entity, restaurant, social event or some other business, they are demanding that we (the immune) must get this vaccination as well. We don’t need that shot. But, apparently, we don’t count. And if you check into the data, you find that if you’ve had the disease, the vaccines generally cause health issues that you had are often worse than the disease. mRNA and immune t-cells don’t get along well together. But Big Brother doesn’t care about us. Let’s see if Little and Bedke actually care about us?

  19. I am 68 years old I’m diabetic and I have had the shots. However I believe it was my choice and I do not believe that anyone else should be forced to make that same choice. My body is my body and I believe that everyone else can choose what they put into their body. No one should be forced! I

  20. If people would only study history, they would realize our country is doing exactly what Hitler did. Those people also knew what was happening but did nothing to stop it & now we are following in their footsteps. It is all about control & they could care less about our health. Wake up America

  21. Saint Alphonsus now requires all unvaccinated staff to wear an N95 mask which they must be professionally for. The unvaccinated that will be found working in its facilities after 21 September will only be those with medical or religious exemptions.

    These people’s health status as unvaxxd will be identified ON SIGHT by staff and patients alike. It will likely get worse, as “caring” hospital administrators will prob make policies that limit the movement and activities of the unvaxxd; wear a special badge or have a special mark on current badge to reveal ON SIGHT a person’s health status; be subjected to a testing regimen the vaxxd won’t be.

    Gov Little/Speaker Bedke: YOU are allowing these employers to build MEDICAL APARTHEID REGIMES within their walls, where unvaxxd are treated as second class citizens and open to further discrimination by staff and patients! How is this good for Idaho??? How is it good for “patient quality care” if the unvaxxd just decide to quit rather than put up with this??? Staff shortages are already severe–so the answer is to allow administrators to run their hospitals like tyrannical fiefdoms–into the ground???

    STOP THIS NOW!!! CALL THE LEGISLATURE BACK IN SESSION TO PUT A LID ON THIS BEFORE IT GETS OUT OF HAND!!! And whatever you do, at least fire Dr. Patrice Burgess as chief executive of your state covid advisory committee. She’s the worst…..

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