Tell Idaho representatives: Defeat Senate Bill 1193

Leftist activists are attempting to teach preschoolers to be liberal activists, teaching them to view America as racist, and claiming that boys and girls and swap genders. 

Idaho state representatives will vote soon on a bill that would give $6 million to a leftist organization that teaches this stuff to Idaho’s youngsters.

Click below to tell Idaho House members to vote against Senate Bill 1193.

Representatives: Vote against leftist toddler indoctrination grant

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100 Replies to “Tell Idaho representatives: Defeat Senate Bill 1193”

    1. Keep Idaho clear from all this crap! Parents don’t want it, teachers don’t want it! Kids definitely don’t want it or need it!

      1. You are spot on, I couldn’t agree more! If folks move here to escape the insanity I welcome you with open arms but leave the socialist politics with the state you left. Otherwise you are not welcome here!

  1. Remove this anti-American propaganda and teachers from our schools, also this inappropriate sexual material!

    1. Twin Falls High School is telling the kids they should start using non binary pronouns instead of the appropriate pronoun for male and females. This is in their SCHOOL NEWS PAPER! It has to go through the vice principal and the head principal before being published and they read it and was ok what our high schooler are reading. One of the students their got threat text, Snapchat’s and other social media stuff and the school nor the cops will do anything about it!

      1. Hold the administration accountable! Better yet home school or private school if at all possible! Ultimately the school will lose thousands of dollars for every child that leaves. I understand budgets for 2022 may have already be approved but after that they WILL lose dollars. Enough with the indoctrination!

  2. Remember elected officials, this state is idaho, not CA , NY, OR, WA, there is nothing and I mean nothing the left liberal states have got right for Idaho or America for that matter. Please take the moral high ground and follow the constitution. I am a idaho tax payer and us army veteran 72-74 .

    1. Amen Danny, thank you for your service!

      We have GOT to remove these current representatives and put in TRUE Idaho patriots who will represent us and what we stand for.

  3. We need to protect our children from radical indoctrination and it is your duty to do so. Vote no!

  4. Oppose Senate Bill 1193, I don’t want my money going to leftist organizations in our wonderful state. I’m tired of taxpayers being used to indoctrinate young people into believing radical, extremist ideas.

  5. Vote NO on this horrendous attempt at indoctrination of our young! Only a SICK society would consider such immoral propaganda!! We are IDAHO and believe in the Constitution of the United States!!

  6. No, no, and no. The “woke” leftists are trying to destroy the country, and indoctrinating our children seems a good way to go about it. Don’t let them get a foot in the door in Idaho.

    We are NOT California, nor do we want to be.

    Please – stand p for Idaho and for our values. Say NO.

  7. We must not allow Idaho to become California or New York….please vote NO on this bill that would impose unwanted indoctrination on our youngest and most impressionable children.

  8. As a life long Idahoan, with the 8th generation of our family here, I ask you to vote NO on the indoctrination of our children!!! Let Idaho be a state to respect!

  9. I moved to Idaho to escape the liberal/progressive garbage! Please uphold the promise you made with your hand on the Holy Bible and reject SB1193!

  10. I urge you, elected officials to vote no on SB1193. Do not allow my dollars to pay for this indoctrination of our children.

  11. This bill is not a good direction for the State of Idaho. I can’t believe it has even gotten this far. Keep Idaho in the red, we do not need indoctrination in our schools
    Thank you!

  12. Please do not give my money to leftist ideologies. If you sponsored this bill…shame on you

  13. But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.
    Matthew 18:6

  14. Absolutely stop this very dangerous nonsense and waste of taxpayer dollars.

  15. Stop allowing tax money to fund people who push these strange, harmful ideas. Very few would freely give money to such nonsense, so no one should be taxed to pay for this.

  16. Please stand up for America and our State of Idaho! Vote No to Senate Bill 1193. It is in violation of our Idaho Constitution, our moral and conservative values and our families. Need to stop the indoctrination of our children!

  17. The left destroys American Culture and values wherever it rears it’s ugly head. Look at all the Blue States and cities where the left has entrenched themselves. Don’t let this happen to Idaho!

  18. This is part of the Communist agenda to control the populace from cradle to grave. The Idaho legislature is leaning farther and farther left.

  19. Where is civility and equality in indoctrination. The molding of the youngest is the home. To circumvent parents responsibilities and take control, in any State including Idaho is a travesty. Don’t justify a “sense of duty” by walking on personal right and responsibility of parents and families.

  20. Com-on-man, do the right, common sense thing. Vote NO on Senate Bill 1193.

  21. Federal government has zero constitutional authority to spend a single penny on education. Zero.

    Our schools are a disaster because they are no longer Public schools, they are Government schools.

    Only one way to restore Public Schools- they must be funded by the community they serve. Outside funding always comes with strings attached.

  22. No on senate bill 1193. Yes on who the senators are that are pushing this bill so they can be impeached and replaced. Enough of this kind of garbage.

  23. Whoever votes to indoctrinate toddlers gets voted out and should be prosecuted for forgoing the Idaho constitution. There are lawyers now working on how this will be done using state laws.

  24. This social justice indoctrination has been adopted by our education system. We, the people, can no longer remain silent. We have got to let our voices be heard and stop this harmful ideology that is destroying our nation.

  25. Stop this Marxist push against American freedom and liberty! This country is not a communist country, nor will we accept these policies being pushed on us by the far left crazies! We need Republicans to fight against this indoctrination of our precious children. Please, for the sake of our country, we need Republicans with a spine of steel to stop these radical ideas. We all need to get involved in our local Republican Party, and squash these RINO’s out of our party.

  26. If we don’t stand up against this kind of vile indoctrination, we will have to accept the consequences as a society.

  27. Leave our children alone! Let our children grow up without the worlds ideas of sexuality and indoctrination. Let children be children.

  28. You can make a different we don’t want socializing we are free love people who love America quit indoctrination of are children step up and be statesmen no politician VOTE NO

  29. Administration in our schools is infiltrated by CA transplants. My family moved here thinking the LDS population was dominate
    But that is not the case.

  30. Please do not find private interest groups. Instead, how about providing housing grants snd/or interest free loans for Idaho families with children, the elderly and persons with disabilities who may soon find themselves homeless due to the mass influx of people into Idaho, our now critical housing shortage and our low Idaho wages. Please help in this critical soon-to-be no “roof over their heads” issue. Thank you

  31. Please vote No on Senate Bill 1193, I don’t belief the money will be used to teach right thinking.

  32. Save the next generation from anti-American propaganda, no on SB1193.

  33. Idaho is one of the last remaining states that feel like America. You were elected to keep Idaho free and to protect our constitutional rights. You want our tax money so do what you were hired to do. Polluting our babies minds with lies and satanic garbage is not part of your job description. We are watching and we will remember. Keep Idaho FREE!

  34. This is ludicrous and un-American and, I think, an affront to our constitutional rights as individuals. Please don’t allow Idaho to fall into socialistic- communistic catagory. Let us remain true to our individual rights as citizens of this state. Send the socialist congressmen and women the message that they are out of line.

  35. I’m an old veteran beginning to wonder what I was fighting for. How did we let this happen in America? They trample our flag, indoctrinate our children with this garbage, and wipe away our constitution. Remember Senators—you work for the people, not left wing radical groups who are trying to destroy this country. I will never apologize for being white just as other races should not apologize for their heritage. I’ve never been political. I’ve sat back too long. I’m not sitting back any longer. It’s way past time to let our voices heard!

  36. Stop brain washing our kids! These teachers and their unions must stop this ridiculous agenda.

  37. Please stop pushing this anti American agenda. Fight for the souls of our children.

  38. Vote NO to this disgusting assault on our children! People who don’t want to be Americans are welcome to leave this state or leave this country! Stop the insanity!

  39. Please vote NO on this destructive indoctrination of our children! The war of the left is reaching down to our young children, now, and they have no shame! We must stand for our children and their developing young minds. Vote NO!

  40. No more money for Anti -American Racist agendas.

    Our kids need more ABC’s and 123’s. Less sex / Gender/ Race indoctrination.

  41. I and many other Idaho residents are new from california and we left there to get away from this moronic idealism. We dont want Idaho to fall like california did. It is a domino effect. Stop!! don’t ruin Idaho.

  42. This is already being taught in our schools because they use CNN in our schools no other news outlet’s. We need more help than people think talk to you kids about what they learn from cnn news in school… That is the reason some of your kids have already been lost😫

  43. Developmental pediatricians should run the program focusing on age specific skills and observing for need of additional services. For example, early therapy for autism, speech delay, etc has shown to be beneficial. Preschool for projecting societal “norms” is abusive to the child. If you think society is good, just sit down and watch the half time show of the super bowl.

  44. There are many people in Idaho like myself that were forced to leave California because of the liberal sewer it has become. All of us didnt leave family, friends, and jobs to come to Idaho to have it turn into the same mess that we left. Stop, the madness, return to our founding fathers idea of America. God, family, country. Take a look at the gangs, drugs, violence, destruction of public property, homelessness that California, oregon, washington, have become. Idaho needs to join Convention of States and stop the crazy people from ruining Idaho too.

  45. US Veteran and grandfather, absolutely NO on leftist indoctrination of our children!

  46. Vote NO on 1193!!!!!!!
    What is Idaho turning into to????
    Disgusting Bill!!!!!

  47. To say that ALL whites are inherently racist, IS RACIST! PLEASE VOTE NO!! Childeren need to learn love and respect for ALL races. No one race is any better, or any worse than any other. Race is NOT what makes a person good or bad, right or wrong. Stop helping those that want to create more division in this country by pushing the race card! VOTE NO!!

  48. Every time an insidious Bill such as 1193 is floated, apathy is what gets it passed. Idaho stands as a bulwark against the insanity that liberalism has become. Don’t weaken now when the prevalence of such warped thinking can make it seem acceptable.

  49. Sheepel are not the clowns I want teaching trash Marxism . Go back to the cheap University you came from COMRADE. Maybe ask for a refund , to pay for your lack of logical thought . Starting a war with WHITE people is RACISM. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  50. This should not even be up for discussion let alone a vote! People that come up with this trash need to have a mental evaluation and tossed out of schools! Stop this insanity NOW!!!

  51. Vote no!!! This indoctrination only creates more division among people! Save our children from this nonsense.

  52. vote no! get those that are even bringing this to the table O U T. don’t California, Idaho!

  53. I am from California and now live in Idaho. I think most parents there do not support this, their voices are just not heard. Like the issue of non English speaking llegals in our schools. But they just keep coming.

  54. Just like the highway sign says, “IDAHO IS TOO GREAT TO LITTER” (with insidious propaganda) !

  55. Where can I actually read a copy of this bill? I want to see what I’m signing for.

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