Statist of the Week: Luke Malek

This week’s Statist of the Week wants you to believe he’s a true conservative. Malek, who is running to serve as Idaho’s next lieutenant governor, recently sent out a fundraising letter in which he says, “True conservatives stand for smaller government. True conservatives don’t tell employers how to run their businesses.” 

We agree. What Malek is saying is 100% true. True conservatives stand for smaller government and they stay out of the business of running someone else’s business. And that’s why Malek is not a true conservative. Just look at his voting record from when he was in the state House of Representatives. 

Malek voted to increase government regulation over the bail bondsmen, credit reporting agencies, electricians, HVAC technicians, sign language interpreters, dietitians, insurance companies, marriage counselors, genetic counselors, optometrists, massage therapy schools, oil and gas industry, real estate agents, auto dealers, and naturopaths. And that’s just spending a few minutes looking at his record of his last few years in office. 

Malek also voted to create or expand numerous government agencies and programs, including his vote in 2013, his first year in office, to create an Obamacare insurance exchange, and later in his career, to create a new taxpayer-funded scholarship program for college dropouts. 

In 2015, Malek scored a 37 percent on the Freedom Index. In 2016, his Freedom score was 59 percent. In 2017, he clocked in at 42 percent. And in 2018, his final year in the Legislature, he came in with a Freedom score at 66.4 percent.

In his tenure in the Legislature, no one could mistake Malek for a conservative. But now, he wants to convince people that he’s the guy who would vote against telling businesses what to do and how to do it. And that’s why he’s this week’s Statist of the Week. Who should be next week’s winner? Let me know by emailing

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