Statist of the Week: Marlene Tromp

I was just getting ready to declare this week’s winner of the coveted Statist of the Week award. It was just about to be the entire Boise City Council, which just voted to spend $15,000 warning pet owners about the dangers of hot asphalt. 

I mean, that’s really important, I guess, what with it being almost October and temperatures getting down into the 40s and all. And plus, what did people do about their pets before city government came along to warn them that hot pavement might hurt your dog’s paws? Maybe next, the city will put signs up at Starbucks warning that your coffee is hot. Or maybe signs at the ice cream store warning that you’ll get brain freeze if you eat too fast. 

Warn your neighbors, there’s bad stuff out there, and you can never be too careful. Boise city government is here to save the day.

But just as I was about to start writing, along comes Boise State University President Marlene Tromp to steal the show. Tromp announced Friday afternoon that students attending the Boise State Broncos football game would need to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test. 

Putting aside the fact that BSU waited until the day before the game to announce its decision — that’s just bad leadership — Tromp is now the first state employee to impose a COVID vaccine mandate on people in Idaho. 

And why wouldn’t she? Tromp has been acting like a tyrant since she got here. She does whatever the heck she wants. If the Legislature tells BSU to get back to its core mission or it cuts $1.5 million from BSU’s social justice programs, Tromp has proven she’ll just ignore the state’s elected senators and representatives. 

Cut our funding? We’ll make sure the gender equity center and the school’s various racist programs stay no matter what lawmakers say.

This time, Tromp is ignoring the intent of Gov. Brad Little’s executive order banning state agencies from requiring vaccine passports. Yes, it’s a problem that Little has decided to let Tromp get away with it, but that does not change the fact that she is openly a statist who believes in the use of government force, and this time she’s applying that force to ticket holders for Boise State football games. 

Sure she uses BSU as an extension of her own social justice views, but now she’s happy to test out some authoritarianism, too, in a move that is clearly about government control. So while the do-gooders at Boise City Hall are definitely statists for believing government has to solve every problem, Marlene Tromp is a statist who uses force when given the opportunity. And that’s why BSU President Marlene Tromp is our statist of the week. 

Who should be next week’s winner? Drop me a note,, leave a comment, like, and share this view and we’ll talk to you again soon. 

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