The future of America is at stake, and it all begins with Idaho. We must lead by example, restoring state’s rights, individual liberty and fiscal sanity. We must put families and kids first, and we will enact the kinds of policies that make our state the best place to create, grow, invent and dream. And we must stop the creep of socialism at every level of government and reinforce the undeniable truth of American exceptionalism.

With the right policies, Idaho can reignite the spark of liberty whose blaze will spread across the country. There is no more urgent time than now. Will you join us?

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Leftists are assembling to harass and intimidate government officials across the state. Their goal is to bully school boards, city councils, and county commissioners into making Idaho look more like Seattle, Portland, and California.

We have to fight back. Enter your information below to join our team to fight this left-wing offensive. We'll be in touch shortly after your submission.
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Stand With Travis

If this can happen in a rural conservative community like Kellogg, it…
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Thank You Congressman Fulcher

Thank Congressman Fulcher for voting no on the McCarthy-Biden debt ceiling deal.
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