VOTE NOW: Choose the Statist of the Quarter

It’s time to pick the Statist of the Quarter for the third quarter 2021. The winner will go on to compete in the prize fight for Statist of the Year, so you need to make sure to get this pick right. Fill out the form below to cast your vote. 

The nominees are: 

Former state Rep. Luke Malek, for lying about his voting record and pretending to be a conservative when we all know that’s not true. 

U.S. Sens Mike Crapo and Jim Risch for supporting that horrid so-called infrastructure bill. 

U.S. Representative Mike Simpson because he voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a provision that would let the government confiscate guns from U.S. service men and women without due process.  

And Boise State University President Marline Tromp, for putting in place a Covid passport requirement at Bronco Stadium.

Vote now by making your selection in the form below:

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5 Replies to “VOTE NOW: Choose the Statist of the Quarter”

  1. This was tough choice, but I ended up going with the hetero-phobic, cauca-phobic, Christian-phobic, male-phobic President of BSU. Risch and Crapo’s votes were a surprise but the bill will likely be altered anyway and I’ll give them both benefit of the doubt that they may have been un-informed.
    The other guy is a “former” so he’s out anyway.
    Simpson is now “on notice”. Any more “brandons” by him and he’ll be removed.

    BSU effects us locally and the sputum that originates from that cesspool has a direct effect on local politics and our way of life. ie. CRT, BLM, etc

  2. I have already sent a letter to both Crapo and Risch for the support of the 1.3 Trillion infrastructure bill. I received a BS response from both basically saying they had no choice. I thanked them for the poor response and let them know I have a choice and will be doing everything I can to see them thrown out of office!

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