Wayne crowns Statist of the Quarter, Statist of the Week

It’s time once again for our Statist of the Week, but before we get to that, we also need to announce the winner of the Statist of the Quarter for Q3 2021. The winners, clocking in with an amazing 47.6 percent of the vote — almost a majority — are U.S. Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch. Way to go, Mike and Jim. You might remember that they famously voted for Joe Biden’s massive, horrific, and completely unjustifiable $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, in which less than half of the bill is about infrastructure. 

Crapo and Risch narrowly beat out Congressman Mike Simpson, who was nominated for voting for a bill that would take away guns from American service men and women without due process. But don’t worry. Simpson will face Crapo, Risch, and Brad Little and friends in the contest for Statist of the Year. 

Now, let’s turn to this week’s Statist of the Week. This week’s winner is none other than State Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra. Ybarra would have won just for defending the state’s efforts to promote social emotional learning. But after I wrote about how Ybarra’s Department of Education has decided to stop using the words “social emotional learning” and will instead obscure the agency’s social justice work in words that are less politically charged, Ybarra decided to attack the Idaho Freedom Foundation. She all but accused us of causing students to commit suicide. That’s just pathetic and wrong. Ybarra should know better. 

But Ybarra followed up that rant with yet another barrage of lies. Her office put out a press release that tries to hide from parents the fact that Idaho’s education test scores are going down, not up. This is the exact kind of thing that statists do — defend government failures, hide real results from the public, use euphemisms to describe programs that constituents wouldn’t like, and blame others when the heat is on. That’s Sherri Ybarra. And that’s why she’s this week’s Statist of the Week. 
Who should be next week’s winner? Drop me a note, wayne@idahofreedom.org, or leave a comment below. Be sure to also share this content with your friends and we’ll talk to you again next time.

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