Your State Senator, Dave Lent, the chairman of the Idaho Senate Education Committee, is single-handedly stopping education freedom in Idaho by refusing to give an ESA bill a hearing. The bill would give parents the freedom to choose where their children are educated by having resources follow them to their school of choice. Ending the public education monopoly is critical to stopping the woke agenda that is taking over many schools.

As our neighbors to the south in Utah are celebrating the passage of a new school choice program, we are stuck with Dave Lent and his obstructionist ways. Does Lent trust parents? It appears he does not. But let's be clear — these children are the responsibility of their parents, not Dave Lent and his Ed Inc. masters.

Senator Lent has been obstructing his fellow Republican committee members for weeks because of allegiance to an unknown group he refuses to identify. This sort of game-playing is below him, and it’s below the position he holds. Tell Dave Lent to stop silencing his Republican colleagues and to give the ESA bill a hearing right away.

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