While the Idaho Legislature often disappoints, today we come with some positive news. On Monday, the Idaho Senate approved House Bill 71, which would end the barbaric practice of gender  surgery and the administration of puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones on children. This morning, the House agreed to the amendments made to the bill by the Senate. That means the legislation is now on its way to Gov. Brad  Little’s desk.

Those who want  to continue the mutilation of children are pulling out all the stops to convince  Little that they are the real majority. We can’t let them succeed. Please sign the petition linked below urging the governor  to sign House Bill 71. Signing the petition will send an email directly to the governor’s office and will make it known that you believe children shouldn’t be used as guinea pigs for the woke medical industrial complex’s experiments.

Time is short, please sign the petition now!

NOTICE - We are having intermittent issues with our petition vendor. If the petition sign up form does not appear, please visit https://gov.idaho.gov/contact/contact-us/ to contact the Governor's office directly. Remember to urge him to sign House Bill 71.

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