The American Library Association is corrupt, dedicated to the pernicious ideology of diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. The ALA tried to protect pornographic books available to kids in public school libraries including Gender Queer, This Book is Gay and All Boys Aren’t Blue. 

Idaho libraries should serve an educational purpose and uphold American values, not promote a far-left agenda.

The Idaho Commission for Libraries has paid membership dues and fees for training and services to the ALA for many years. The ICfL has encouraged local libraries to seek guidance from the ALA. The ALA has helped increase federal funding for DEI initiatives led by the ICfL which has led to local libraries purchasing graphic children's books that promote things like kink, sexual deviancy, transgenderism, and early sex among children. The influence of the ALA is therefore undercutting local efforts to reform Idaho libraries.

Idaho should follow the lead of other conservative states in cutting ties with the anti-American ALA. Add your name to this petition now and send a message to the ICfL Board of Commissioners that the ALA is no longer welcome in Idaho.

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