Sen. Geoff Schroeder voted to fund training Idaho doctors how to perform sex-change surgeries and abortions.

Sen. Geoff Schroeder wanted his voters to think he was a conservative.
But his record in Boise tells a very different story. It's time voters learned the truth:

  • Schroeder voted for H24, diverting taxpayer dollars to big businesses in the guise of workforce development.
  • Schroeder voted against H71, which bans child sex change surgeries and drugs.
  • Schroeder voted against H314, which would have disallowed schools and libraries from distributing obscene materials to children
  • Schroeder voted for S1147, which appropriated state money for out-of-state medical programs that include abortion and transgender surgeries.
  • Schroeder voted for S1176 which funds Idaho's public universities, including leftist programs such as diversity/equity/inclusion.

Call Sen. Schroeder at 208-332-1344 and tell him that if he runs as a conservative, he should vote like one.

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