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Ignore the legacy media

What you read in most local daily newspapers or see on the daily news isn’t really journalism. It’s leftist propaganda. […]
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Conservatives came out on top in May 2022 primary elections

I gather from the phone calls and emails I’m getting that people don’t realize what a monumentally successful night conservatives […]
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Crabtree can’t hide his Big Government voting record

Sen. Carl Crabtree is now on record calling himself one of the most conservative members of the Idaho Senate and […]
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Take Back Idaho wants to take us back to a more leftist future

You may have heard recently that there’s a political action committee that has formed with the express purpose to “Take […]
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Agenbroad can't defend his pro-Big Govt record, so he attacks IFF instead

State Sen. Jeff Agenbroad’s recent attack in the Idaho Press Tribune on the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s policy and appropriation bill […]
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Leftists won the 2022 Idaho legislative session

True to form, lawmakers are trying to impress you with a handful of breadcrumbs from the 2022 legislative session, including […]
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New crisis standards of care law will guarantee healthcare rationing

One lesson from the so-called pandemic that should have been learned is that the government’s involvement in healthcare is not making things better for patients. 
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The real ‘false narrative’ is that Idaho is safe from social justice agenda

I got a chuckle out of KTVB’s attempt to discredit the Idaho Freedom Foundation with its four-part “investigative” series on […]
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Jim Jones lies about IFF, critical race theory

Isn't it interesting how leftists will straight up lie to you about issues you care about in order to win […]
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As food prices soar, it's time to repeal Idaho's grocery tax

Grocery prices rose by 7.6% last year, making it more difficult for families to afford basic kitchen staples like meat, fruits, vegetables, and dairy. […]
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